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Analyst & Coach

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League of Legends analyst & coach, specialized in data analysis, teamplay macro and psychology.

Data Gathering

I code programs to gather all the data the team needs including; world e-sports, enemy teams, scrims and more.

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Data Analysis

I develop dashboards and analysis tools that team can use and in some cases I use AI and machine learning algorythms.

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Using all of the data analysed, I create presentations and onstage usable documents for team that includes my suggestions about their gameplay.

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With my deep knowledge on psychology and pedagogy I can teach various strategies to players from any age.

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TCL 2022 Summer
Senior Data Analyst,
SuperMassive Blaze

I have created databases and database dashboards for team.

TCL 2021 Winter
Data Analyst,
Istanbul Wildcats

I have coded automated tools that gather the data they need with spreadsheets and prepared scouting reports. WE WON TCL WINTER AND WENT TO MSI!!!

Ascension League
2021 Winter
Head Coach,
Wild Tigers

While working as analyst at Istanbul Wildcats to get experience as head coach I have formed and coached a team. We got 2nd Place on a masters elo league.

UEM 2021 Winter
Head of Strategy,
DANK,Ege University

I prepared spreadsheets and strategies for team. Got 2nd place on Intel university masters.

UEL 2021
Strategical Coach,
Cordelia Gaming

I prepared VOD reviews and developed strategies for draft and gameplay. We got 2nd place.

2020 Summer
Assistant Coach,
Tom Diner

My debut as a coach, team disbanded right before tournament.

2020 Winter
Performance Coach,

I was responsible for mental wellbeing and individual performances.

2020 Winter
Analyst & Scout,

I was responsible for analysing players gameplay and providing assistance for tryouts.

I’m developing most advance data tools for my teams.

I develop databases for team
by using Python & SQL systems.


My achievements as an analyst.

All of my past teams had succesfull splits with me on their analyst or coach position.

TCL Winter 1st Place

Won winter split and team represented region on MSI.

UEL 2nd Place

It's my first split with a semipro team and we got 2nd place. EUW Master+

Ascension 2nd Place

My first experience as headcoach. EUW Master+

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*My piano show.(Until I can find better content.)


Damien O'Ryan

Single Scouting Report

Includes your or enemy teams:
*Overall analysis
*Champion based analysis
Avaible formats:
*Google Spreadsheets
Delivery Time: Max. 2 Days

Price: 40$

Recommended for 1 time pregame data needs.

Kien Hester

Database & Dashboard

Includes dataframes and dashboards for:
*Enemy & Team Overall analysis
*Enemy & Team Champion based analysis
Dashboard Features:
*Champion threat graphs
*Matchlist viewer & more
Technical support for a month.
Delivery Time: 7 to 10 Days

Price: 800$

Recommended for teams that want a longterm data investment.

Chanelle Reed

Hire Me For A Split

*Scouting Report Service Before everygame.
*Database and Dashboard with 1 split technical support.
*Getting custom data according to requests of coaching staff.
*Data presentations to the coaching staff and players.
*Can add more features into the package if teams requests pre contract.
Technical support for a month.
Delivery Time: Changes According to my schedule.

Price: 5000$ Monthly

For teams that wants to hire a sector leader data analyst.


It ain't luck, it's destiny.

I am always looking for new partners & teams & challenges feel free to contact me!
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